Website promotion: What it is?

The fantastic platform on the cyber space we call the Internet is a home space for electronic documents which we call the websites. The web site is the main interface on the Net. Its online activity is mostly governed by the search engines. The search engines act like a library and index and rank the site topic wise. The main aim is to facilitate search topic wise and query wise by presenting the most suited site to the visitor.

This is a complex process which search engine complete using crawlers or robot and their algorithms which finally index and rank a site topic wise. Web promotion is basically search engine optimization and creating referrals or leads through online marketing. In online website promotion besides search engine optimization direct marketing through mailers and online ads are also a part. The online ads are cpc campaigns and banner ads through major search engine companies and social networking sites.

Hence complete web site promotion is a complex process with the final aim is to invite targeted audience. The purpose can be to sell, information transmission or advertisement besides others.    

The major role in web promotion is played by search engine optimization or Seo and web content creation. Unique web contents, images, banners and catch lines are instruments of goal conversion.  Hence web design and site architecture play an important role.

The best exposure to a site is provided by organic listings in the result pages of search engine. The organic rankings come free but a great Seo effort is required to rank the site in chosen keywords. But this is usually one time expenditure. The ad campaigns like Google adwords and Face Book ads are costly but can bring targeted visitors effectively. Creating referrals though directory submissions and article marketing is a good way to increase the site traffic. Another way to increase exposure to the site is by sending electronic mail mailers.

For a site to be effective online website optimization is a must however complex or costly it may be. With complete search engine optimization and direct marketing online success would be difficult.

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