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Social Bookmarking Service

Live Web Services provides social bookmarking as part of the search engine optimization process. We promote our content to top rated bookmarking web sites in order store and present the contents to members and users.

Social Bookmarking is an important process in website promotion exercise. Hence promotional content like blogs and articles are boomarked on number of good websites. The promotional content is optimized using keywords and social tagging.

The popular sites offer many features in order to organize your saves. There is an option to make your links public such that other people can discover you content and benefit from the information within and in the links provided. This one good way to make a member base of friends and readers and increase you network.

The promotion of content is such a manner makes it easier for search engines to find it and index fast. This is a good technique in web site optimization to maximize exposure to your content and websites. This is a good for users to discover desired content using the tags or keywords embedded in the article or blog entries etc. This process also increases web saturation of web content and sites. We do not offer this exercise separately but it is a part of our process.


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